_0000 Studios ‘Not In The Slightest Fuck’

Not In The Slightest Fuck

Show Running
18th August – 31st August 2017

_0000studio’s 2nd exhibition ‘Not In The Slightest Fuck’ presents forbidden sub-cultures as an empowerment of societal and artistic hierarchies.

A diverse range of works featured by individual talents across the UK revolve around illustration, multimedia, photography and conceptual fine art, portraying hidden depths to both society and identity, conformity and disobedience.

The Brick Gallery (Sheffield) opens its doors to all individuals who are looking to support creatives, a place to connect with people whose lives are entwined within sub-cultures which are frowned upon.

Don’t be a pussy. Get down for the launch and see some live drawings from Wilf Dessent, topped with booze and tunes to keep the vibe flowing.

Afterall, you are _0000studio.

Appreciation Always,
Isla Miller.

Founder, Head Director of _0000studio