Brick(2)Brick Private View


Show Running
30th June – 30th July

Brick(2)Brick is a contemporary art exhibition showcasing some of the brightest upcoming artists from around the UK. We selected street artists, graffiti writers and illustrators who use the city’s walls as their canvas. We took their work from the brick wall to the alternative platform of the Brick gallery.

Set against Sheffield’s post-industrial landscape, the work reflects the areas rapid growth from steel and concrete to a vibrant space for self-expression. As marks are made, Brick (2) Brick draws a line across the worlds of illustration, vandalism and the urban sprawl.

Artists Exhibiting

Alie Kungu / Bristol
Barr Knee / Sheffield
Bob2 / Sheffield
Cement Bootz / Sheffield
Chris Cooper / Sheffield
Coms / Nottingham
Darren John / London
Easy Dee / Bristol
Kev Grey / Liverpool
Nazusk / Sheffield
Tom J Newell / Sheffield
Vigoe / Newcastle

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Brick(2)Brick at The Brick Gallery